Maintenance - What is the Tenant's repsonsiblity?

This short message will give a brief overview on what is the Tenant responsiblity, and what is the Property Owner's responsibility when leasing a property.

Court Allows Body Corporate to Cut Off Utilities

Property24 recently posted the following...


Roughly 70% of retirees cannot afford to retire. As we move around more nowdays in the worksplace, this is aggravated. To avoid struggles in what is meant to be the "Gollden Years" one needs to supplement.

Water News 25 Nov 2015

The water supply across the City of Johannesburg is normal, with reservoir levels across the city in a satisfactory position. With the return of the high temperatures, residents are reminded that level-2 water restrictions are still in place and must be adhered to.


What is it about and what you can do.


COMMUNITY SCHEMES OMBUD SERVICE (CSOS) Why this could mean a large levy increase onyour sectional title property?

MOVING ALONG SWIFTLY AT….60 KM/H: Recently a speed limit wa...

The reasoning hinged on the many accidents on this road. The speed limit change is intended to prevent such incidents. Mr Mendelsohn mentioned that there was even a death at the intersection of Ash and Main. We are aware that there are a number of forums taking the issue up with Mr Mendelsohn.


Makro versus The Residents - Appeal

RSSD Social Responsiblity

We are getting involved and supporting RSSD in their Social Responsibility Programme. Feeling proud to be activley doing something.

Beware: Property Scams

When there is Money involved there is guaranteed a con-artist waiting to get in on the action. It is often assumed that they target the vulnerable, however this is not always the case, even if they “walk the walk, and talk the talk”, or look the part, scam artists come in various shapes and sizes and often target those that don’t thoroughly think something through.

Excerpt of K56 Transcript of meeting Sat 2nd August 2003 at helderf...

It seems that this thing just is not going away. it was intiated here already and the saga just keeps dragging on and on.......

Electricity and Tenants Rights

A person who sells token vouchers for prepaid electricity meters, including a landlord, is not a supplier but a vendor. About 4 million prepaid electricity customers use the token vending service, but the vendors do not supply electricity.

Why is my property just north of Lonehill, with so much more value...

Properties are being sold for around 65% of their worth in this area. Including Glenferness, Beaulieu, Kyalami. It is not as if the finances aren't there because clearly they are as the first weekend sales proved in Steyn City. So what is going on?

Land Expropriation Bill

"Cape Town, 25 March 2015 - Government is adamant its new expropriation bill is constitutional and fair. The bill which will put an end to the “willing-buyer willing-seller” principle for land expropriation, was presented to Parliament on Tuesday."

RDP Housing an Issue as Beneficiaries sell them for cash.

Homes that are awarded are being sold as income with the Beneficiaries returning to informal settlements or back to the street.

Previous owner ruled liable for non-disclosure.

COURT RULING: In December 2014, some R 1 Million was awarded to a new owner, as the previous owner had failed to disclose a planned road reserve in Kyalami.

Reaping rewards? One resident comments on the downside of counteri...

At our recent Glenferness Resident's Association meeting the resident's basic message was that we have opposed the roads and we are now reaping the rewards of that. Does he have a point?


How do we stop the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer?

Capital gains tax to be levied by UK on non-residents.

South Africans with property in the UK will in future be liable for capital gains tax there once they sell their property, following a recent announcement that the tax will be introduced in the UK from April next year.


Retail Africa (Pty) Ltd together with Shoprite (Pty) Ltd, on behalf of Johannesburg Water SOC (Pty) Ltd, intends to undertake the installation of a bulk service line to serve the Kayalami commercial development on the corner of Main road and the R55.

K60 Road Upgrade Planned

Residents may, or may not be, be pleased to learn that the K60 is going out to tender for construction.