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Personal Ethics:
Transparency for Purchaser and Seller - keeping our clients informed - subscribe to our News
Trustworthiness of service and commitment
Deliverability on promise.

Property Considerations:
Lifestyle, Location, Environment
Investment and future value
Town Planning principles
Building and Construction quality
Economic climate - Local, National and International
Contractual excellence . we commissioned Schindlers in Melrose for our superior contract.

"It was quiet a journey, and your willingness and help was greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you in the future." ~ Linda, Transferring Attorney

Tybalt are rated as a company that delivers 6 star service excellence, with a track record to prove it. We go the extra 10 miles. With our development experience and access to professionals, we are well placed to assist. One of our sellers required their property to be surveyed and registered with the Auditor General in a super-fast hurry. We called in some favours, and our professional team got the job done in record time.

In our own contracts as developers, prior to doing it ourselves, we found that the agent would get the paperwork down and then pretty much leave everything up to the transferring attorneys. This costs (mostly the poor client) money and we vowed to fix this in our Agency - we have! We leave nothing to chance and work tirelessly to ensure the success of the parties from start to finish.

Our Contract
"Finally a contract that covers all the bases!" ~ Troy Bentley, Property Investor

We have the most comprehensive contract from Schindlers - a well-known, long established law firm in Melrose Arch - specialists in property. Our knowledge here is first hand! We have purchased numerous properties before opening our own estate agency, via both auctions and on contract, and we been in arbitration twice as a result. We have used the right people to get the right contract.

Strategic Thinkers
"Thanks for your support in this very challenging time. I really appreciate this and it's good to do business with trustworthy people like you." ~ Innocent Gwisai, Property Developer

We are developers. This gives us quite an edge as we consider at length the investment value of properties. Both as the current and the would be Owner's point of view. We consider planned developments in the area and the future growth of the city - how this will affect the property for years to come. For Example - it is a known fact that the more educated and or wealthy a population becomes, the less children they have and this, in turn, affects investment values and many other statistics like traffic implications or employer trends.

The horror stories of agents proclaiming to have knowledge of, or worse, no knowledge of certain road reserves that are in place which take up much of the property one is purchasing, are mounting monthly in our area. Our Professional Road Traffic Engineers enable us to get the right information every time.

We have international experience having done business internationally as developers. Many companies are marketing off-shore investments - these can be one of the most risky purchases with statistically 80% of the patrons losing money

Technically discerning
Tybalt Investments Built 1 300 square meters in 5 months, which included breaking down an existing building! August - December 2011

We are technically discerning and able to address technical issues. Building problems may not be insurmountable and can, in reality, be good purchasing opportunities - with the right input, or course.

"We understand that our Client's home and/or property investment is extremely important, and are as careful with it as if it were our own decision to make." ~ Tybalt Properties Training Manual

No-one in our office is ever going to push you into a sale for the sake of the commission! Purchasing a property is a big decision, especially if it is to be your sanctuary for the years to come - a base from which you operate.

Location, Location, Location!!
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The proof of our own expertise! We targeted and secured our location in the foremost growth area in the entire South Africa currently! This property will be rezoned in the near future with much added value to go with it. We would welcome you into our space for a one-on-one to provide you with greater insight into your particular area of interest.