MOVING ALONG SWIFTLY AT….60 KM/H: Recently a speed limit was put in place on Main Road from 80 km/h to 60 km/h. We spoke to Ward Counsellor John Mendelsohn who was intimately involved.

2 Sep 2015

UNIVERSITY RESEARCH CENTRE 2014 “By statistical study of accident occurrence at a particular road or location or zone of study for a long period of time it is possible to predict with reasonable accuracy the probability of accident occurrence per day or relative safety of different classes of road user in that location. The interpretation of the statistical data is very important to provide insight to the problem.”

We noted in various literature from Traffic Engineering Institutes that the general causes of accidents are:

1. Road Users - Excessive speed and rash driving, violation of traffic rules, failure to perceive traffic situation or sign or signal in time, carelessness, fatigue, alcohol, sleep etc.
2. Vehicle - Defects on vehicle – brakes, steering, tyres, lights.
3. Road Condition - Slippery road surface, pot holes, ruts.
4. Road design - Defective geometric designs: inadequate visibility, inadequate width of shoulders, improper curve design, improper traffic control devices and improper lighting.
5. Environmental factors - unfavourable weather conditions like mist, snow, smoke and heavy rainfall which restrict normal visibility and makes driving unsafe.
6. Other causes -improper location of advertisement boards, gate of level crossing not closed when required etc.

“We are not doing ourselves any favours by relying on our own intuitive and limited understanding of Town Planning and Traffic Engineering solutions. We should perhaps hear the professionals out.”
“My opinion is that the reduction of the speed limit to 60 kph on this stretch of Main Road is an exercise in futility.
I do not believe reducing the speed limit from 80 kph to 60 kph will contribute at all to improving road safety.”