RSSD Social Responsiblity

27 Aug 2015

"We are pleased to announce that we have instituted a directive that will focus on a Social Responsibility Programme.

Our mission is to create a platform that will enable social, economic and environmental enhancement.

We will strive to engage every available avenue to improve education and skills, finding practical solutions that might bind diverse agendas.

With this is mind we will be conducting monthly workshops amongst other things.

Our first three events are:

Permaculture Workshop 4th October 2015
Self-Defence Classes 1st November 2015
Christmas Hamper Day 6th December 2015

If you are interested in joining us in any of these ventures, either as a sponsor, or participant, please feel free to contact us. Events will be planned 3 months in advance, and advertised.

Nicole van Loggenberg
Social Responsibility Officer
082 746 1240"