Excerpt of K56 Transcript of meeting Sat 2nd August 2003 at helderfontein Estates

30 Jun 2015

"We put our best recommendation on the drawing and we want to discuss that with everybody affected and maybe what we have suggested is not the best and that is why we need to sit and go through all the issues and try and get whatever the issues are from everybody and then go back to the drawing board and come back with better suggestions and then that is what we will then present to you."

"I just want to tell you the Scoping Report for the PWV9 that has been done they have required a full EIA for that and the wetlands issues and all the other issues are still going to be addressed in the full Environmental Impact Accessment."

"Why don't we discuss it and jump ahead?
No, the reason why this is being done is for prelimanery road design as a Scoping Report has to be done. That Scoping Report lies with DACEL and all the information in that Report goes over to the Environmental Impact Accessment and on the previous Scoping Report these access roads were not addressed and the people were not informed about it so the purpose of this Report is to actually pull in all the other additional issues and bring it up to the same level that all the people are aware and then from there onwards when the EIA is being done the access roads will also be taken into consideration."

"Yes it could be changed anyway, but DACEL must still make the final decision. But according to the legislation everything has to be brought to the same level, so if there are any changes it must be discussed with public. So the wetlands, the fauna, the flora all those issues are still lying there and still need to be addressed. So it is part of a process and we have to actually inform all the people about the new access roads. It is fair to all of you and we want to get all your issues out, so our job is actually to assist you in getting all your issues and giving it to DACEL, they have to take the final decision so the more information you give to us and the more you help us to actually give all your issues the better we can solve it. So our purpose here today is to actually to try and accommodate you as the public, so please that is why it is so important whatever we say, I am also recording what we are saying here please put it in writing because insults and things like that I think rather give us your issues and we will try and assist. You will also get a copy of the draft Scoping Report and you will also be able to look at the Final Scoping Report and if there is anything you are not satisfied with that we haven't documented please inform us and we are more than willing to assist you."

Etc etc - the full mintues are available if you wish to view them .