Reaping rewards? One resident comments on the downside of countering the roads....

21 Jan 2015

These issues have been rehashed ad nauseum in many a forum and this is definitely not an attempt to convince anyone of anything.
Each will decide for themselves which is fitting in an advanced society, and hopefully, prevalent without prejudice or coercion, allowing the individual to sublimely air their views.

The message went further to suggest that we could reclaim our suburb by allowing the main spines to be built.
Trying to stem traffic is like trying to stop the tide. It flows like water and wants to take the path of least resistance.

When we first bought here six years ago Main Road, which borders our property was quiet.
Timing it now at midnight, I notice that not a single 30 second period transpires without the loud din of a car passing.
And we can barely get out of our street onto Main Road anymore.

At a bird sanctuary last year we understand the most likely injury for owls is due to traffic. We visited countless injured birds...heart-breaking.
Eagles often fly into power lines.
In Blue Hills a resident tells me that there are regular "dog hunts" around the suburb.

We have racing taxis, pangas in the grass and trapping going on in Glenferness, not to mention a cocaine racket which a developer put a stop to, I believe.

Of course, we worry for the wetlands.
At a wetland in Blue Hills late December I personally witnessed an afternoon swim by a larger family. I am told the locals put trees in the dams to prevent it.
Ironically, of the many wetlands in Boksburg, the ones bordering main thoroughfares fare much better since no-one is stopping, and also few wish to bathe in the full sight of the traffic – it is possibly a thing of pride.

Just maybe, it won’t be a bad thing after all?

Take the best care this year, Good and Kindly Residents of the Greater Kyalami Area.

Melany Cottrill

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