Business Approach

23 Aug 2013

Rather than continually talk only about property, it seems that there are a lot of people who are focusing on their businesses and what is required to get to the next level.
We recently attended a business seminar and thought we would share a little on it.
If you hate hearing about it, we'll stop immediately. Let us know - we'd love to hear your opinion.

We all want our businesses to sky-rocket. Literally.
Our company recently had the pleasure of meeting a handful of South African business people who have experienced exactly that - in a short space of time....

Our commitment to excellent service and going the extra 10 miles for our clients is positively proven, but we fail to get noticed sometimes.
So we signed up for a free seminar with the JT Foxx organisation and thought ....We'll go along, but they have exactly 15 minutes to get our attention or we'll be leaving.

What a surprise!
The business acumen presented was sound, informative and above all, invigorating. All round great content sorely needed by most and it is astounding how positive our outlook has been since.
I can highly recommend it. after a mere two, informal days we are re-vamping our entire process and implementing much needed changes in our businesses. Their no-nonsense approach is refreshing, right on the money and forceful with a sense of getting results right now.

They are holding a formalised 3 day seminar in October (14th, 15th 16th) which will include topics such as high profile branding (that is clients coming to you), marketing, presentation skills and negotiation techniques. We are left with no doubt as to the value that the experience will bring.
Let us know if you'd like to be emailed on some of the information.

One of the quotes that stood out for us:
Don't have a philosophy of allowing mistakes or garbage in such a way that it stays. It ends up in the corner growing and smelling.

Fortunately, there are numerous methodologies they advocate for growing perfumed profits instead.

Yours in business,
Melany Cottrill